Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Middle-aged man fashion passion

There came a point in this middle-aged man’s life when he lost zeal being a suit and tie attire kind of guy.  I’m not sure when that point came but know it was some time ago. 

I’d say in general, men’s attire is more relaxed that years ago but that depends on whether you’re a big city or small town person, what your business or profession is and who your customers are.

Mine is a business where the expectation is I wear a business suit and tie but many who do what I do don’t.

I remember my olden young days when hanging in my bedroom closet were several business suits and ties.  Then, I was qualified to be a spokesman for George Zimmer’s Men’s Warehouse, a men’s clothing store; I guarantee it!

My business suit and tie journey began during a period known as the 3-piece suit era.  In addition to matching slacks and a coat, a button-up vest was the third piece. 

There was a 4-piece era the generation before me with a business hat being the fourth piece.  I missed out on that action but vintage black and white photos of that generation give me clues what it must have been like.

With God’s blessing, hopefully there’s more ahead in my business life and which way my business dress attire heads is anyone’s guess.  I have an open mind and sometimes wonder if I should retire my jeans and sport’s T-shirt casual “off-season” business attire for something more debonair and dapper.

I always rationalize my casual attire by arguing that the fashion ramp I walk is while wearing knowledge attire – my technical knowledge and an ability to express it to those willing to pay me for it.  In that regard, I’m always “dressed” for success.

Still, I’m sure many would like to see me prettied up occasionally, looking like a man model gracing the cover of GQ magazine.  This image is within my striking distance with a new and substantial investment in the latest middle-aged man business attire.

Maybe I need to quit being a hypocrite and dress like how I appear in my business card photo. 

Yes, maybe one day soon a fire will be ignited and I’ll be afflicted with middle-aged man fashion passion.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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