Friday, December 6, 2013

Playing with a KB again

Years ago when I belonged to a different gym, it had an awesome kettlebell (KB) collection and I sporadically used them as cardiovascular conditioning tools at the end of my workouts.

My current gym never had them until recently when one of the trainers brought in his private collection.  Judging by the weights in his collection, they’re likely used by his women and novice clients.  

His latest addition, however, is a single one weighing 35 pounds which I consider my minimum load for a good anaerobic conditioning workout.  I’ve been using it lately.    

In my current two steps forward and one step back tip top anaerobic conditioning journey, right now I’m more in a one step back existence.  This proves once again that, as an advancing middle-aged man, I’m only good as my last workout.

So I’ve decided to use this 35-lb. KB for short-duration and high intensity anaerobic conditioning at the end of my workouts.  This is how I like to train nowadays rather than the long-winded stuff from my yesteryear training past.

My latest KB complex consists of the following, performed non-stop, which is one round when completed:

(1)    right-hand hang power snatch x 10 plus

(2)    two-handed swing x 10 plus

(3)    left-hand hang power snatch x 10 plus

(4)    two-hand swing x 10 equals one round

I completed four rounds during my last workout.  My short-term goal is completing ten rounds in less than twenty minutes.

Tip top anaerobic conditioning for me at this point of my life can best be described as "here today and gone tomorrow."  

I intend moving from my current one step back tip top anaerobic conditioning existence to a two steps forward one and I’ll get there playing with a KB again.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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