Monday, January 30, 2017

(10-20-30-40) x 5

Today I’m sharing another workout that’s representative of what I’m doing nowadays during my busy work season.  My workouts are done at work and they’re brief yet productive. 

I did this workout last Friday during my lunch hour on a day when I spent the entire day attending an online continuing education seminar to keep my professional skills sharp.  I didn’t dress down into gym workout clothing but I was very casually dressed.

My workout consisted of a superset of these four exercises that constituted one round:

Standard pushups x 10 reps, then bodyweight full-range squats x 20 reps, then two-handed kettlebell swings with a 24kg kettlebell x 30 reps, and finally whatever feels right stretching active recovery x 40 breath count.

I completed 5 rounds of this workout which took 19:21 to complete.  I had a dime of time remaining during my 30-minute lunch to rest and recover before getting back to work with my online seminar.

Give this quick superset workout a try when you want to do something different.  I think you’ll like my workout called (10-20-30-40) x 5.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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