Monday, January 9, 2017

Never bothered me again

How well does this middle-aged man remember his long-ago past? I’m not talking about ten or twenty years ago, but longer.  How about 50 years or more ago?  Do I have a vivid memory and how did it find its way back to my present mindscape?

And if I do and dwell a lot on it, what’s that all about?  Would a psychologist answer my question by telling me that my dwelling was my now self healing my then self?  I don’t know and am not about to pay a psychologist to find out.

But I do have one middle-aged man-onset memory resurrection in my mind that first surfaced a few years back.  

I was in the first grade in elementary school.  It was class recess time and I was on the school playground near the tether ball game area.  I don’t recall whether I was waiting in line to play the game or just in the area observing or talking to a friend.  But whatever I was doing, there was this bigger kid bully-type who was causing trouble and this trouble eventually found its way to me.

My next memory is being seated in the school principal’s office with my Dad sitting next to me.  This big kid bully-type was also there.  He was crying while rubbing his upper arm that was very red and sporting fresh teeth-bite impressions.  I recall the school principal telling me, while my Dad looked on, how terrible it was what I had done.

This very old memory then disappears and my olden-days memory fog returns with no further recollection of this event, but I do know this bigger kid bully never bothered me again.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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