Thursday, January 26, 2017

Punch for lunch

When you’re thirsty for lunch, what’s your beverage of choice?  Do you like soda, a glass of wine, a cold bottle of your favorite beer, or perhaps a tall glass of water with a slice of lemon?

This middle-aged man is a water guy most of the time.  I find it refreshing, it does the best job of meeting my hydration needs, and it’s the best deal in town if I’m eating out at lunchtime.

Well I’ve discovered a new lunchtime beverage that meets my needs during my busy work season like now.  I don’t know that I’ll have it every day, but a couple days a week sounds about right.

And it’s something I can have at my office so I don’t have to go out on those very busy work days.

Here’s a short video of what I’m talking about:

My recommendation is to do this quick workout as suggested in the video.  You complete 10 rounds of heavyhands-style punching with an appropriate pair of light dumbbells for 30 seconds followed by a stretching medley for 90 seconds of active recovery. 

Each round takes 2 minutes so if you complete the suggested 10 rounds, your workout will take 20 minutes to complete.

You shouldn’t go too heavy with the dumbbells for best results.  I personally find that a pair of 5-lbs. dumbbells is about right for me.  The 30-second flurry is all about elevating your heart rate.  Bopping and weaving does a great job for me.

Also, know that I’m not a boxer so please spare me any of your private or public criticism about my form. 

What I like about this workout is you can complete it and remain relatively “fresh” and dry with no need to shower before jumping back on the work saddle.

Give it a try when you’re extra thirsty (for fitness) on those busy work days.  I really think you’ll like this punch for lunch.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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