Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Free universal basic fitness?

A couple days ago, I read about how the country Finland is about to embark on a new program offering free money for two years to help the unemployed get back to work.

It’s a new approach for Finland that began on New Year’s Day 2017 of what’s being called universal basic income (UBI), where people receive a standard amount of money just for being alive.  The proponents suggest that by handing out money to everyone, regardless of their income status, UBI prevents people from falling through the cracks.

The internet article where I learned of this pointed out how this experiment will provide clues about how people behave when they receive “free money”. 

Will they sit on their couches all day waiting for their next free money shipment, or will they use the money to make their lives better?  The answer to these questions depends on who you ask, the skeptic or the proponent.

I’ll be neither but use this idea in the context of physical fitness and call it universal basic fitness (UBF).  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone who is now overweight and lacking baseline physical fitness could magically receive a constant stream of universal basic fitness for, say, two years?

What would UBF recipients do?  Would they sit on the couches all day watching television and continue in their unhealthy eating and lack of exercise lifestyles that got them to where they are?

Or, would they use their new UBF to make their lives better by eating healthier and engaging in regular and sensible exercise?

I’m not sure the answer to this question either and suppose, just like the case of UBI, it depends on whether you ask a skeptic or proponent.

So, I’ll answer this question in the context of me, who at this moment has what I would say is UBF, but who is a far cry from higher levels of physical fitness he has enjoyed in his past.  I’ll take my UBF and run with it in an attempt of returning to a higher level of fitness, rather than slide down a slippery slope fitness and health decline in my aging journey.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone in need could receive two years of free universal basic fitness? 

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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