Sunday, January 1, 2017

A pair of stiff knees

So today, this first day of a new 2017 year, I resume blogging at Pierini Fitness but in undercover status.  Some time ago, I took my blog undercover for a reason that doesn’t need to be publicly-shared.  Pierini Fitness, as of right now, is not available for public viewing and it doesn’t even come up in a Google search.

I can give Pierini Fitness access to people for their private viewing and I’ve done so in two or three instances when I was asked.  I do this by entering a person’s e-mail address that they must enter when asked to login and view my blog.

What I’ve discovered while being undercover, and then some time before, is that I haven’t added anything new since my last blogflection posted on July 21, 2016 before departing for a short vacation.  Well I returned from that vacation but somehow, for reasons not totally understood by me, I’ve hit a brick wall and have lacked both the creativity and desire to write something new.

There’s a lot of dust accumulating on my blogsite and it’s time to do something about it.

I resume blogging today hoping that my creativity and desire will both resurrect from the dead.  I also hope that I’ll produce and deliver new and fun-to-read middle-aged man reflections about living and dying, gracefully aging and trying to live a good and honest life.  That’s what I really enjoy writing about and sharing with others.

But there’s something about being undercover that seems unfamiliar and uncomfortable to me.  It makes Pierini Fitness seem more like an old-school diary.  I’ve never maintained a diary so it doesn’t seem natural to me.  Writing and posting undercover seems like the sound of one hand clapping, or me talking to myself while driving or looking in the mirror. 

Maybe I’m sort of spooked doing this from something my dear grandmother told me long ago when I was a child one day, after she caught herself talking to herself.  She told me that it was OK to talk to yourself provided you didn’t answer.  I never asked her why but suspect that she might have thought that if you did so then you were crazy.  Maybe someone else told her that and it stuck.  Maybe it was her mother, my great grandmother.  I’ll never know.

But in any event and once again, it does feel odd adding today’s blogflection knowing that I’m essentially writing to myself, so I’ll just have to fake it until I make it.  I’ll eventually get to a point where composing new reflections will happen effortlessly like it has so often in my blogging past.

Until that day comes, I’ll just have to limp along at Pierini Fitness like the image of an old beaten-up weightlifter sporting a pair of stiff knees.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Machinehead said...

Happy New Year and welcome back! I look forward to your reflections.

Pierini Fitness said...

Thank you John and Happy New Year's 2017 to you. Due to my decision of making Pierini Fitness private, my readership is small and I'm OK with this. I was going to send you an e-mail and let you know I was back on the saddle but you found out anyway on your own.

Enjoy your day.