Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Yes, I'm exercising

It seems the reflections here for 2017 thus far have followed my favorite theme of living and dying, gracefully aging and trying to live a good and honest life.  Is a blog named Pierini Fitness, a misnomer?  After all, there hasn’t been one reflection here this year even making mere mention of current exercise.

Well, for my record, fitness is happening in my life despite a ramping up in progress of what will soon be a very busy seasonal work period.  What I’m doing must be done with efficiency.  I don’t have the luxury of jumping into my car, going somewhere, dressing down and dressing up into my favorite jock training attire, working out, showering, redressing, driving back to where I came, etc.  

So, what am I doing?  Quick and dirty, yet highly efficient stuff in a spare room in my office where I have permanently parked my modest kettlebell collection, a pair of 5-lb. dumbbells for some heavyhands work, a small step for some step-up work, a wooden dowel for some stretching, and a reasonable space to move forward, backwards and side to side.  Good enough to get my fitness job done when you consider the alternative of doing nothing and that’s not an alternative of interest to me.

For my record, I did have a long time out late in 2016 lasting for about three months for reasons I really can’t explain other than describing it as an extended period of fitness training lethargy.  It took me getting disgusted with myself to do something about it; glad I did starting on January 1st.

For my record to document how quick and to the point, here’s what I did yesterday for a total workout lasting 16 minutes:

4 rounds of the following combination:  #1 = hand-to-hand swings x 30 reps using 24 kg kettlebell, then #2 = standard pushups x 12, then bodyweight full squats x 24 reps, and finally #4 = one minute of upper-body stretching. 

I allowed 4 minutes for each round and this gave me a little rest before starting the next round. 

This little combo gave me an elevated heart rate while allowing me to stay dry and “fresh” so afterwards I could get back on my work pony saddle and giddyap back to working.

Yes, I’m exercising.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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