Monday, August 17, 2009

Like father like son

Last Friday was my Dad’s 83rd birthday and on that day my Dad announced that he believes he’s going to be around for a lot longer. It’s a natural belief that we all have and the topic of this September 29, 2008 Pierini Fitness blogflection: Except the 99-year old man.

Checking out my Dad on his birthday and making my own visual assessments, I see a person who still has a sharp mind, good memory, a desire to live, wit and a clever sense of humor (genetic?), and good old man body strength. My observations provide clues to me of what’s in store should God bless me with old age like my Dad.

And what might that be that in my old man store?

I’ll likely be a few inches shorter, move a little slower, not be as strong as I was when younger, still want to live to be age 100 like the 99-year old man, and more likely than not, still sporting a moustache, like father like son.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Charles Long said...

You're a chip off the old block. You'll be in glasses like him also when you get to be that age.

Tell your dad "Happy Late Birthday" from me.

Pierini Fitness said...

Hi Charles and will do.

Have a great day!