Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Swine flu abs

Question: What do you get when you match up a 54-year young middle-age man fitness dude whose claim to fame is being the ambassador to middle-age men around the world with the swine flu?

Answer: First of all, we are not sure that it was the swine flu. Heck, it could have been the Sacramento flu but that strain, if it exists, isn't making worldwide and national news headlines like the swine flu so I'm calling it the swine flu because it makes for a better read and will probably result in more visits to Pierini Fitness.

Now on to the answer. Well for starters, you get a middle-age man fitness dude who spends about 4 days on his back with whole-body aches, bad headaches, and alternating episodes of fever and chills. You also get new personal records for non-stop sleeping and felonious blog abandonment.

You get a no-show at the Tommy Kono IV Weightlifting Competition and being a second-class host to the greatest Olympic weightlifter that the U.S.A. has produced.

You get a morning bodyweight of 172 lbs., a weight last seen by this middle-age man when he was a youthful age 38.

And finally, you get an August 10, 2009 early-in-the-morning case of swine flu abs.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Franklin said...

Move over thigh master .. Swine flu abs are here to stay! ROTFLMAO!

DaveFSS said...

Probably the only way I'll ever get ripped. Problem is you are as probably weak as a little girl after that!

Greg Newton said...

Eddie Guilliani a bodybuilder from the original Gold's era, once said about the flu, "Where is Joe Weider with the photographers after you've been on the bathroom floor all night and have definition from dehydration!"

Pierini Fitness said...

Thanks for the visits fellas.

Let it me known in cyberspace, I am very weak right now and I'm sure there is more than one little girl that could put a whipping on me. Just being honest.