Monday, August 3, 2009

Under the same rooftop

My cyberspace fitness son just for fun, Mr. Justin P, whose blog I enjoy and read from time to time, recently wrote about his job here: My job. I've written some about mine in prior blogflections but generally in the context of how my busy work season makes it difficult to find time for fitness training. Today's Pierini Fitness blogflection topic is job-related and was influenced by Justin's recent dog and pony show about his work.

Since 1981 part-time and 1983 full-time, I've earned my money to pay my bills as a self-employed businessperson. I originally started out as a sole-proprietor business consisting of me, myself and I and eventually had business partners and employees. Now I'm a sole-proprietor again with one employee and another part-time employee who works during my busy work season. One thing common over the past 26 years is that my business has always been located in an office away from my home. Some people who do the work I do have offices in their homes. I've always resisted that because I've doubted my ability to be productive in a home environment, preferring instead to go somewhere else to work. That may change next July 2010 when my current office lease expires because I'm seriously considering moving my office into my home.

The home I live in would be a great office in home. It's a wonderful and spacious two-story home built in 1905 with a classic architectural design of that era located in an area described as midtown Sacramento less than one mile from the California State Capitol and downtown Sacramento with great freeway access in all directions. It has plenty of room to accommodate my office space needs without compromising family living space. It also has a full-size basement with plenty of room for storing client files and office supplies. Whether it happens or not depends on negotiations in progress with my better half, also known as The Boss.

Just like I've always preferred to go somewhere else to work, that has also been the case with my fitness training. I have always belonged to a gym. My current gym is a 6-block walk from where I live. I sometimes go downstairs to my basement and train where I have a multi-purpose pullup/bar dip/pushup exercise unit along with some resistance bands, jump rope and dust-collecting dumbbells. Personal preference and desire are the only things keeping me from using it as my primary gym of choice.

So changes are brewing in my life and it may be just a matter of short time before Pierini Accountancy, Pierini Fitness and the Pierini Family are all under the same rooftop.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Justin_PS said...

Hola, Eduardo!

I'm glad to see I'm giving you some ideas to write about. It's always nice having you visit "The Bodyweight Files".

I know what it's like having a business run from home. My dad did it for a number of years. Pretty much from the I was 3 until I was 17, my dad's business was ran from a room in our house and in the back yard.

Frankly, it sucked. It takes away from your living space and it's hard to get away from work when you really need to decompress. You lose a lot of privacy too. It was great when we finally got big enough to afford a shop and a yard.

Were I you, and if it was still financially feasible to do so, I'd keep work out of the house.

Just my .02 canadian pesos.

Good post, God bless!

Pierini Fitness said...

Hi Justin,

Thanks for sharing your experiences and suggestions.

My drive to bring it all home is not a financial consideration but rather a lifestyle one so your realitiy-check comments are much appreciated.

I do not have a lot of client visits to my office like the old days; cyberspace has changed that.

We'll see what I eventually do.

Thanks again!

Charles Long said...

This will be interesting. I'm sure a future blog will give us all the details. If you really want to do it, convincing the boss might be the hardest part.

Pierini Fitness said...

Hi Charles,

July 2010 is a long way off yet it will arrive so quick. I'm headed in that direction and hope the lifestyle change that I believe it will bring does materialize.