Friday, March 3, 2017

Climb back on my training stallion

It wasn’t long ago that I shared here at Pierini Fitness how I was back in the game with my fitness training.  

I was feeling darn good about it and found myself progressively ramping each workout a little more intense than the previous one.

My last workout was Monday, February 20th and I had great plans for the rest of the week with short yet intense workouts planned for Wednesday and Friday.  But they didn’t take place.

The following Tuesday, while working at a client’s office, I didn’t feel like I was playing my “A Game”, and attributed it only to lack of sleep. The following morning, it was more obvious.  I was either sick or about to be sick.  Later in the day, this more obvious became obvious beyond a shadow of doubt, I was sick and would be taking some unscheduled time off from my fitness training. 

Call it a working sickness.  I don’t think it was the flu but I had a noticeable sinus headache, some congestion, and body aches.  My wrists ached which was delayed feedback that the kettlebell (KB) work I’d been doing lacked finesse in execution.  The subtle bangs my wrists had been taking, not recognizable when I was healthy like a stallion became a screaming choir singing to me that I’d better work on performing my KB exercises more gracefully. 

Whatever ailment was my newest nuisance, it had to end quickly because I was very busy with work with no time for down time.

A few days later, I started feeling better but rather than push my luck, I decided to take more training days off and bank some more rest and recovery. 

Then one week since my last workout, another Monday had arrived.  I felt darn good and could probably have resumed training, but I didn’t.  I gave myself another week off for still more rest and recovery, so that I would be 100 percent plus when the next Monday arrived.  That’ll be in a couple days.

Overall, this means my rest and recovery will have lasted two weeks.  Perhaps this was more than absolutely needed but I took it, and am glad I did.

So, next Monday is within my sight and I can hardly wait to climb back on my training stallion.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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