Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cyberspace sanctuary

A hot topic these days is how the federal government wants to put an end to disobeying cities across the nation known as sanctuary cities.  A sanctuary city is a place where illegal immigrants may reside without fear that local authorities will aid in their deportation.

Today’s blogflection is not political but one of reflective advocacy for middle-aged men across our country who are overburdened by the toils of life, and who don’t get sufficient time to enjoy and be proud of their middle-aged man coveted status.

Those middle-aged men who reside in a purgatory abyss being regularly yanked in both directions.   On one side being told they’re no longer the youthful person they once were and are all washed up, and on the other side being told they should work harder because they’re not old enough to yet enjoy senior perks.

It can be overwhelming, robbing them of a safeness they deserve to be at their utopian ground zero of middle-aged manhood.

They need a place where they can safely reside to bask in their middle-aged man sunshine and stew in their middle-aged man juices; even if for only a few minutes a day.  For lack of a better term, they need a middle-aged man sanctuary.

And, here it is right before their eyes each time they pay a visit to Pierini Fitness, their always-safe middle-aged man cyberspace sanctuary.

 Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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