Thursday, March 30, 2017

Something no robot can do

Have you heard the latest news?  Robots delivering pizza are right around the corner.

Domino’s Pizza will be working with a European company to develop a cutting-edge method of delivering pizza to you in the future using robots.  They’ll start doing this in Germany.

The company said this will be necessary in the future because their demand for deliverers will exceed those willing to do the work.  This trend is taking place elsewhere in the business world with driverless cars, drones and other whimsical high-tech inventions soon to be part of our futuristic utopia.

Which might have some wondering and, perhaps, worrying a bit if their future jobs are at risk.  Some may but only for those who have a horse and buggy mindset, who are unwilling to adapt and learn new things to keep up with the times.  

This is turning out as was prophesized over 50 years ago by the television cartoon series, The Jetsons.

But fear not my fellow middle-aged men for we are safe, because who we are is something no robot can do.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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