Wednesday, March 1, 2017

May be on its way

Yesterday I hinted about having an opinion article I wrote get published in my hometown newspaper.  It was my first time so I’m still feeling a little jazzed about the experience, much like when I turned 16 and got my driver’s license. 

Or like the time I turned 21 and was now able to legally enter a bar and order a beer.  I realize in other states, this opportunity comes sooner but in my world, 21 was and still is the magic number.

Since what I wrote can best be described as not being politically-correct, I received a dozen e-mails from those who took it upon themselves to tell me what they thought.  Being the analytical person I am, it was necessary for me to classify my “fan e-mail” into some groups.

The first group included six e-mails giving me two-thumbs up.   They were the fun ones to read.  I stewed in my juices and basked in my sunshine reading them. 

The second group included two e-mails with a neutral message, neither telling me I was great or calling me a bigoted turd.  I enjoyed reading these e-mails also because they were polite albeit somewhat ho hum.

The final group included four e-mails giving me a two-thumbs down and that’s saying it lightly.  Some would describe this group as hate e-mail.  I must give the people who sent me these e-mails credit, they sure knew how to tell me what they thought about what I wrote.  I also found them to be masters of inference, accusing me of saying things I didn’t say and, therefore, concluding I was a certain (un)kind of person.

To all who took the time to send me an e-mail, I responded with a courteous and polite reply.  This was harder to do for the final group but I did it.  My being courteous and polite gave me a payback because I received two follow-up e-mails from people apologizing for having judged me.  Yet they remained somewhat guarded and steadfast with opinions far different than mine.

My days later take on this experience is how it’s much easier to be a politically-correct messenger.  You’ll get abundant kudos from those who read or listen to your message.  There’s something I enjoy, however, being the other guy calling it like I see it, even if my message will not be well-received.  That’s exactly what I did.

Yet with this not politically-correct other guy status comes a real possibility that a sucker punch or pie in my face may be on its way.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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