Tuesday, March 7, 2017

He's busted!

This middle-aged man is always on the look for health news articles and he found a doozy over the weekend.  It was one reporting how Canadian university researchers developed a test capable of measuring the amount of urine found in swimming pools.

Without going into detail about how their method works, these researchers found that a 220,000-gallon commercial-size swimming pool tends to have nearly 20 gallons of urine floating around. 

Scaling that piss-volume down to something closer to home, as in a middle-aged man’s backyard swimming pool, there could be about two gallons of urine occupying that pool.  For the record, middle-aged men piss and women pee.

This is quite disturbing and makes me wonder what to tell my fellow middle-aged man friend the next time he invites me over on a hot summer day for a cooling swim in his backyard pool.

I know. 

While he’s floating in his pool after having just slammed down a big bottle of his favorite beer, and sporting a big smile on his face about how good is his life, I’ll tell him about this latest news and that he’s busted!

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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