Thursday, March 9, 2017

The unforgettable Nat King Cole

I’ve generally preferred listening to the stillness of silence is golden when working at my job rather than having music in my background.  

The same is true when I’m driving in my car.  It’s been my experience that the peak concentration required of my job is best achieved in an auditory soundscape of extreme silence.  If I can hear a pin drop, all the better.

Other middle-aged men are just the opposite and do best with some barely-audible “mood music” close by helping them with improved focus and productivity.  

Neither of us are like the younger folks, many of whom only seem to thrive in the focus and productivity departments when there’s loud garage band hard rock music blasting.  We’re all different, and we all use different props and tricks to bring out the best in our work efforts.

Lately, to my surprise, I’ve tried something different.  For about the last week, I’ve had music playing in my background when working.  This is something I'm developing a newfound joy.

What I’m listening to varies from day to day depending on my mood.  I’ve listened to classical music, waltzes, and even some Mexican mariachi music.  A couple days ago, I had a marathon session listening to classics sung by the late and great Dean Martin.  This is something my RIP dear father would have highly approved.

Yesterday was more of the same, music that is, but a different artist who was at his peak in the 1950’s and 1960’s until he passed at a too-young age from cancer.  I listened to his greatest hits more than once, twice or thrice until I had had enough.

It was fun while it lasted, listening to the unforgettable Nat King Cole.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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