Friday, March 10, 2017

Believe it when I see it

Rumor has it that meat may be on its way out according to a news article I read yesterday.  

Since “fake news” is a popular term used lately to describe what we’re fed by the media, let’s hope what I read falls into this category.

What I read had an inviting headline of “Food’s future is meatless, largest meat processing CEO says”.  He was quoted saying how statistics show that worldwide protein consumption is growing but from sources that are outpacing meat.

It didn’t take me long into this article to detect the spin fueling this news, thanks to my middle-aged man “follow the money” investigative procedures.  Apparently, this CEO’s company is investing $150 million to fund startup companies developing meat substitutes.

And, this company also has a small ownership stake in a company hoping to pedal engineered food that is both protein-rich and non-meat. 

Yup, this news is another case of a company’s self-promotion dressed in a newsworthy costume that would make the PETA militants delighted.

Maybe some middle-aged men might play around and give this “coming to a neighborhood store near you” non-meat engineered food a try.  

Expect there’ll be a vast selection of ready-made and easy to heat engineered food tasting like real meat, thanks to clever taste engineers who have learned how to sauce these products with their secret flavor-enhancing ingredients, capable of fooling our middle-aged man discriminating taste buds.

Some middle-aged men may be fooled but not many is my prediction.  We know our greatness has its origin in the countless hamburgers, steaks, BBQ ribs and other meat delicacies consumed year after year.

I don’t buy this news and will believe it when I see it.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


michael said...

Engineered food doesn't even sound good for you. I've been reading a book called, " Eat Fat,Get Thin". From what I read so far, it's all about the money. Everyone has their hands in the pot. I hope this isn't true and it's fake.

Pierini Fitness said...

Hi Michael; it's fake in my world. Thanks for stopping by; enjoy your day.