Saturday, February 14, 2009

But not as sweet as you

Today is Valentine’s Day, the traditional day that lovers express their love for each other by sending Valentine’s cards, flowers, or candies.

St. Valentine is the name of several martyred saints of ancient Rome. The St. Valentine whose feast is on February 14th is Valentine of Rome. He was a Roman priest who suffered martyrdom about 269 AD and is buried on the Via Flaminia north of Rome.

To all my middle-age men brothers in cyberspace, join me in expressing love to the loves of our lives. To the love of my life, this song is for her:

I’m grateful to God for my beautiful and wonderful wife for over 30 years. As I drive home from work today after a long day at the office, looking forward to an evening together with her, I’ll sing, “Roses are red my love, violets are blue, sugar is sweet my love, but not as sweet as you.”

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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